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Private equity, Private debt, Private real estate. Banque Agricole S.A’s specialists offer you high-performance investment opportunities on private markets by investing in them with the backing of our partner, Oak Hill Investment Fund. AgeBanque is also a player in arranging and structuring direct investments and club deals.

1. An Alternative to Traditional Investments

Thanks to the extensive network and first-rate expertise of our partner, Oak Hill Investment Fund, we offer you access to a high-performance asset class that complements a traditional portfolio. Private equity. Private debt. Private real estate. These investment solutions, which, by nature, are reserved for a small number of investors allow you to diversify your investment strategies optimally.

2. A Fund-Based Approach

Through its partner, Oak Hill Investment Fund, AgeBanque offers you investment solutions in three major private markets – private equity, private real estate and private debt. It does so through Luxembourg-based set-ups, allowing investors to build diversified portfolios consisting of funds and direct investments (co-investments).

✓ Construction of diversified portfolios via funds of funds.

✓ Selection of funds with topquartile managers.

✓ Coinvestments and secondary transactions.

✓ Exclusive access with a limited minimum investment.

2. Mandates and Direct Investments

Under dedicated mandates, each portfolio is individually tailored and backed by a risk/reward approach that is optimised to your profile. These diversified mandates include investments via funds, secondary transactions, and co-investments that get a thorough going-over by our specialists. What’s more, through our broad network of professionals working on private markets, you gain special access to some exclusive direct investments.

✓ Tailored mandate solutions.

✓ Clubs deals and coinvestments.

✓ Secondary transactions.

✓ Personalised reporting.