Trading Room


Trading Room

Our trading room provides tailored solutions and quality support, guaranteeing that all orders are processed in the clients’ interests. It offers a varied range of financial services to suit the needs of demanding investors:

✓ Currencies: spot, currency futures and swaps, options, derivatives, bank notes and precious metals.

✓ Interest rate trading: treasury operations on the money market, treasury swaps, short-term money market instruments, repurchase agreements, term and fiduciary investments, financial engineering, issues and capital markets.

Our experienced teams of specialists offer direct access to Banque Agricole S.A (BA clients who have a high level of expertise in the foreign exchange and interest rate field. In this way we are able to provide some accredited private clients, institutionals, international companies and banks with a comprehensive service offer embracing a very wide range of financial products, based on an open architecture. As regards direct access to the trading room, the AgeBanque is extremely flexible and approachable, ensures all orders are executed impeccably and that close client relations are maintained.

1. Advantages

✓ Personalized attention to meet your expectations.

✓ Support synergy between the teams working for you.

✓ Determination to develop, a commitment which is reflected in its competitive prices.

✓ Professionals with international experience providing a high-quality service offer and top-rate execution.